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Grapevine Vitis Vinifera C20
The vine vitis vinifera is a fruiting shrub widely used in some houses as a decorative element.
Rubber fig
Ruber fig. Very hardy plant for indoors of big leaves and very easy to take care of. 
Hanging Fern. C15

Is an elegant fern, ideal for indoor decoration. Its main attraction is in its rhizomatous leaves, with blue-green tones.

Spathiphyllum C12
Spathifillym is a plant for shade, strong and long-lived, both for indoor and outdoor of prolonged and white flowering.
Begonia Shepherdii C13
Begonia Shepherdii is a herbaceous plant vivaz of long flowering and low maintenance.
Sansevieria. C14

Sansevieria is a very resistant and low maintenance plant. Ideal for interiors,...

Hypoestes phyllostachya.C09

Hypoestes are small plants that are very widespread and appreciated for their delicate beauty.

Lyrata fig C13

Ficus lyrata is a very hardy houseplant with large leaves and easy care.

Singonium. C15

Selaginella is a hardy plant that needs little care and is very beautiful to look at.

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