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Waxflower. C13 (Chamelacium)
Waxflower is an evergreen shrub of Australian origin that can be grown successfully in dry, sunny and warm climates.
Leonotis leonorus. C17
Leonotis leonurus (lion's tail) is an erect semi-evergreen shrub prized for its dazzling orange flowers, reminiscent of the lion's tail.

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Crosandra. C15
The Crosandra is a shrub that produces beautiful orange flowers.
Jasmine Sambac. C20
It is a plant famous for the perfume of its white flowers, grouped in corymbiform cymes. They are large, white and very fragrant.
Quiscualis indica. C20

It is a climbing shrub with tomentose twigs or with scattered pubescence, with the old petioles becoming thorny.

Acalypha hispida, cattail C20
Acalypha hispida is a shrub with very showy leaves, very appreciated in gardening for its high ornamental value.
Coprosma repens.C17

Coprosma repens is a fast-growing shrub that can reach 5 metres in height.

Polygala myrtifolia.C17

Polygala myrtifolia is a very bushy type shrub. Perennial leaves mainly in warmer areas and plenty of lila-purple flower from spring to autumn. 

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Crosandra. C13
The Crosandra is a shrub that produces beautiful orange flowers.
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