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Aureola. C20 Viveros González Natural Decor Centre Marbella
Aureola. C20
Aucuba Japónica is an evergreen plant to keep in shade, with mottled leaves, resistant and versatile.
Nandina doméstica. C15 Viveros González Natural Decor Centre Marbella
Nandina domestica. C20
 Nandina domestica is and evergreen shrub, with a beautiful foliage which colour can range between green and red, with white little flowers and red berries.
Abelia x grandiflora C20 Viveros González Natural Decor Centre Marbella
Abelia x grandiflora C20
Abelia x Grandiflora is a good plant for medium hedges, with long-lasting white or pink flowers and beautiful glossy leaves.
Rhaphiolepis indica, Rafiolepis. C25

Rhaphiolepis indica belongs to the genus Rhaphiolepis and belongs to the family Rosaceae and includes about 15 species of evergreen shrubs native to Japan and Korea. 

Teocrium fructicans. C11

Teocrium fructicans is a bush very well adapted to the Mediterranean climate, it gives an intense green colour, being resistant to periods of drought and sunshine.

Marygold. C13
Marigolds are annual shrubby plants of Mediterranean climate and medicinal properties.
Clerodendrum. C17
The Clerodendron is a shrub with beautiful flowers that is widely used in gardening.
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