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Grass seeds Kikuyo. 500grs.
Kikuyo is particularly recommended for establishing a lawn in the mediterranean area with high summer temperatures and without  risk of hardy frosts.
Grass seeds Paspalum notatum. 1kg.

Paspalum notatum, also called, Bahia grass, or common bahía is a recommended grass seed for warm climates, resistant to drought and tolerant to salinity.

Grass seeds Multiclass. 1kg.

Very resistant lawn. 

Composed of a mix of different types of seeds.

Low maintenance
Supports trampling 
Grass seeds for shady areas. 1g.
Special mix of different types of seeds, like festuca and lolium, which offer high resistant to shady areas or semi- shady areas. 
Mediterranean grass seeds. 1kg.

The Mediterranean seed is drought-tolerant and resistant to trampling. Ideal lawn for next to the sea area and for public or private houses with children.resistencia al pisoteo.

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