Discover our phytosanitary products for the garden, take care of and protect your plants. Fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, repellents and fertilizers. 

Phytosanitary and Fertilizers

Phytosanitary and Fertilizers


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Terracottem Soil Conditioner. 750GR.

Terracottem is an effective, easy-to-use environmental technology that contains all the elements necessary for the balanced development of your plants.

Insecticide Fulmit Oleo LE 1L Phytosanitary

Insecticide and acaricide that acts by contact ingestion, interfering with the natural evolutionary processes, eliminating the plague of red spider mites, whiteflies, aphids and...

Calcipron Water Soluble Fertiliser. 1L

Calcipron is a calcium deficiency corrector fertiliser. Especially used on tomatoes and peppers. It is commonly used to prevent the "butt spot" (apical rot) of tomatoes.

Herbicide Dabora WG. 30GR.

Remnant selective herbicide for pre-emergence or post-emergence control of weeds, absorbed by root and foliar application. 

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