Discover our phytosanitary products for the garden, take care of and protect your plants. Fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, repellents and fertilizers. 

Phytosanitary and Fertilizers

Phytosanitary and Fertilizers


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Pantafer. 1Kg
It is a fast-acting and persistent preventive and curative iron chlorosis corrector.
Herbicide Sharpen 1L Phytosanitary

Pendimethalin-based selective herbicide for the control of annual grassy and broadleaf weeds in pre-emergence or early post-emergence. 

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Insecticide Goku 1L Phytosanitary

Contact and ingestion insecticide, the active ingredient of which consists exclusively of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

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Polisher for green plants 250ml
The green plants polisher provides an intense and lasting shine to
ornamental plants, enhancing their intense green color.
Fertiliser Agrolife Cu 5L
Liquid formulation rich in copper specially designed to prevent and correct deficiencies of this element in all types of crops.
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Ecogel cockroach trap
€8.45 €8.03

Innovative gel trap ready to use. The most practical and effective system for eliminating all types of cockroaches, even the largest ones.

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