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Guzmania. C13 Viveros González Natural Decor Centre Marbella
Guzmania. C13

Guzmania is an herbaceous plant with showy red bracts that surround its inflorescence.

Muhlenbergia Capillaris. C13 Viveros González Natural Decor Centre Marbella
Muhlenbergia Capillaris. C13
Plant belonging to the genus Muhlenbergia and the species capillaris. Its family is the grasses
Bulbine. C17
Fast-growing herbaceous plants with linear, perennial, fleshy, onion-like leaves.
Vetiver Tube

The Vetiver plant, (Chrysopogon zizanioides), also called khus, is a perennial herb of the Poaceae family, whose roots contain an oil used in perfumes.

Salvia officinalis C11
Salvia officinalis offers a white or mauve bloom, so it is widely used in the garden for borders or low hedges.
Heliconia psittacorum C17

This plant is also known as parrot's beak.

A lot of attention is drawn to the shape and color of its flowers.

Perovskia atriplicifolia, Russian sage
Salvia Mystic Spires Blue is an aromatic plant very resistant to both cold and heat. It is very striking for the color and shape of its velvety flower.
Rudbeckia hirta. C13

The Rudbeckia hirta is a flower plant to have in summer, to put in any corner of your garden or terrace.

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