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Streptocarpus. C15

If you like the look of African violets but find them too difficult to grow, try a pot or two of their hardier cousins, Streptocarpus or primroses.

Beaucarnea C130
Beaucarnea recurvata is a plant that due to its light appearance and its low maintenance is a very suitable one as an indoor plant. Las Tres Hojas Verdes. Plants for decorating. Plants...
Dracaena Fragans C22

Brazilian trunk or dracaena fragrans is a very easy to care for indoor plant.

Sansevieria. C11

Sansevieria is a very resistant and low maintenance plant. Ideal for interiors,...

Sansevieria . C25

Sansevieria trifindoasciata is a very resistant and low maintenance plant....

Waxflower. C13 (Chamelacium)
Waxflower is an evergreen shrub of Australian origin that can be grown successfully in dry, sunny and warm climates.
Jasmine Sambac. C20
It is a plant famous for the perfume of its white flowers, grouped in corymbiform cymes. They are large, white and very fragrant.
Spider fern. C15

The spider fern or Davalia is an elegant fern, ideal for decorating the interior of your home. Its main attraction lies in its rhizomatous leaves, with bluish-green tones.

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