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Adán's Rib / Monstera. C17
Adam's rib is a semi-evergreen shrub, sometimes semi-epiphytic, with aerial roots and large, deeply grooved, alternate leaves.
Bougainvillea. Standard.C17 Mix

Bougainvillea is a climber plant with eye-catching flowering and color which we use for covering walls, fences and even for hedges.

Ipomoea alba. C17
Ipomoea is a climbing or creeping plant that can reach up to 7 metres in length.
Dipladenia Sanderi red C20
Dipladenia Sanderi is a climber with flowers in the form of white, pink, red or yellow bells.
Ivy Variegata. C15
The Hiedra or Hedera Helix is a very resistant perennial climber and very popular.
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