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Pomegranade (Punica granatum). C18

Pomegranate is a fruit tree with a high rusticity, suitable for poor soils and low quality irrigation water. Its small size makes it perfect for urban gardens.

Rudbeckia hirta. C13

The Rudbeckia hirta is a flower plant to have in summer, to put in any corner of your garden or terrace.

Aloe vera. C20
Aloe Vera is a crasa plant, resistant to periods of sequence and with many beneficial qualities for health.
Bougainvillea. Standard.C17 Mix

Bougainvillea is a climber plant with eye-catching flowering and color which we use for covering walls, fences and even for hedges.

Celosia. Silver cock's comb. C11 MIX

The Celosia is famous for its unmistakable flowering, composed of dense, erect inflorescences, with an appearance similar to the plumage of a bird. The flowers show very bright colours that...

Cupressus Macrocapa "Goldcrest". C22/24
Cupressus Macrocapa "Goldcrest" is a conifer whose main attraction lies in the lime green color of its leaves and also in its essence with smell of...
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Agapanthus africanus C17
Agapanthus Africacus or Agapanthus is an evergreen plant with flowers like pompoms in blue or white that appear at the beginning of summer.
Craspedia. C17

Craspedia is a genus in the Asteraceae family (daisies) and originates from Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania where it is a perennial wild flower.

Scaevola aemula. C25
Scaevola Aemula plant of great flowering for spring and summer with flowers in the form of fan color Purple or wh
Girasol. C14

Sunflower (genus Helianthus), with about 70 species of herbaceous plants of the Asteraceae family (Asteraceae).

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