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Vermiculita 5 Litres.

Vermiculita is a mineral of the family of the mica, of brown color and structure to laminate,

Composed basically by silicates of aluminum,...

Pratia pedunculata. C11
Pratia pedunculata or Lobelia pedunculata, is a grassy and upholstery. Requires little maintenance.
Foxtail fern - Asparagus densiflorus. C.17

Asparagus densiflorus is an evergreen ground covering or hanging plant. Although many people know it by the name of "Foxtail Fern", in reality it is an asparagus plant native to South Africa. It...

Aloe vera. C13
Aloe Vera is a crasa plant, resistant to periods of sequence and with many beneficial qualities for health.
Tulbaghia violacea (Tulbaghia) C20

Tulbalgia, also known as Society garlic, is a plant that shows all its potential in coastal areas. It resists the maritime environment well and blooms throughout the year in...

Pelargonium crispum "randy" C13

Pelargonium Crispum, geranium dwarf or Geranium is a 
Plant very demand in the area of the Mediterranean area as it adapts very well to exhibitions of direct sun.


Dahlia has a striking bloom, with white, pink, orange or yellow petals.

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