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Spray gun 16L Pulmic

Manual hydraulic sprayer for the application of agrochemical products.

Spray gun 12L Pulmic

This smaller capacity traditional back sprayer is easier to handle. 

Spray gun 2 l Pulmic

Hydraulic pre-pressure sprayer for insecticide, fungicide and herbicide application.

Thuja orientalis nana. C17
Thuja orientalis aurea nana is a conifer with a global shape and green leaves in vertical form, very ornamental and with good essence.
Fertilizer orchids
Compost for orchids, contains everything you need for the epiphytes plants and of easy application.
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Flower pot florafina
Smart flower pot for indoor plants.
Dimension: 15cms x 16 cms 


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Fruit trees fertilizer 2 kg
The fertilizer for fruit trees of slow release of Massó, has a duration of up to 5 months, promotes fruit setting and fattening.
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