Zinnia elegans


Zinnia is one oc the most recommended bedfing flowers durind summer.

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Zinnia elegans is an annual plant which belongs to thea asteraceae family.

This lovely plant due its popularity to its eye-catching colourful flowers that are hold on top of a straight stem.

Have to be placed in a sunny possition, not very closed one to the other as it needs  plenty of air ventilation to avoid fungi problems such as powdery mildew and black spot.

Do not water very frequently just when soil is dry and pinch off wilted flowers to estimulate the sprout of new ones.

As an annual plant Zinnia will only live for a season, and once its cycle is finnished it will die. Of course to keep the plant in good conditions will help to a long lasting live. Get it rid from dry or wilted flowers and leaves, water when necessary and offer direct sun hours.

Spider mites or aphids may appear as well, keep an eye on your plant and spray with a natural insecticide better than chemicals.


Zinnia is one oc the most recommended bedfing flowers durind summer.

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