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Cleome spinosa or Knight's flower. C17

Cleome is a herbaceous plant that can reach up to one metre in height.

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Cleome plants belong to the Capparidaceae family and consist of about 150 species of annual herbaceous plants native to the Tropics. 

They are commonly known by the common names of Knight's flower and Cow's foot.

It is an annual plant with erect branches and digitate leaves that can reach 1 metre in height. The leaves have glands that make them slightly sticky. Its curious pedunculate flowers with 4 pink, yellow or white petals contrast with the long dark stamens.

They are often used to form clusters in the garden together with other plants such as Tagetes. They are suitable for cultivation in large pots on terraces.

The Cleome needs a sunny and wind-protected position. Temperatures should be mild as they do not tolerate frost at all.

It likes deep, light soil rich in organic matter. It is important that it drains well, so we can add some coarse sand.

It is advisable to water every 3 days without waterlogging the soil and if it is very hot to water every 2 days.

They do not need fertilisers if we have already added organic matter when preparing the soil.

It is not usually a plant attacked by pests but it can turn yellowish and produce few flowers if it does not receive enough light, the soil is poor or if we overwater it.

It can be propagated from seeds sown in spring, at about 18ºC and under glass, bearing in mind that it is a slow process.



Cleome is a herbaceous plant that can reach up to one metre in height.

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