Oregano - Origanum vulgare C13


Oregano is an aromatic plant with medicinal properties widely used in gastronomy.

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Origanum vulgare or Oregano is a plant that comes from Mediterranean areas and belongs to the Lamiaceae family
It grows in calcareous soils and rocky scrubland areas.

Sowing time:

In cold climates:   from March to June and/or from September to October.

In warm climates: from February to June and from August to November. 

Should sow it in drained soil, so that flooding will not occur. Needs sunshine, although we can also place it in semi-shade and save a separation between plants of 30cm and 50cm between rows.
Oregano does not need much water, so we will water it 2 times a week in summer and once per week during the rest of the year.
We can cut the branches and leave them to dry in a dark, airy place. Prunning better to be done at the beginning of spring.
This plant does not tend to have pests, although it might be visited by leafhoppers. And neither it suffers from fungi.
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Oregano is an aromatic plant with medicinal properties widely used in gastronomy.

Specific References

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