Ornithogallum. C17

Ornithogalum  are perennial bulbous plants grown for their clusters of white flowers.

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Ornithogalum , of the hyacinth family, are perennial bulbous plants grown for their clusters of white flowers, typically star-shaped, in spring or summer, depending on the species. They quickly form large clumps of herbaceous or strap-shaped leaves.
Perfect for the early summer garden, they are beautiful garden plants and deserve a place in borders, open woodland, rockeries or large containers. They also make excellent cut flowers, lasting 1-3 weeks in a vase.
1. Select the right spot
Best flowering occurs in full sun or light shade.
Ornithogalum perform best in soils rich in organic matter, of medium moisture and well drained.
2. How to plant your Ornithogalum bulbs
Plant them in autumn for spring flowering.
Dig a hole and plant your Ornithogalum bulbs 7-15 cm deep and 10-15 cm apart.
If you think you live in an environment that might be at the limit of the plant's hardiness, place the bulb deeper below the soil line. Not sure about your growing area?
Place the Ornithogalum bulb with the pointed ends facing upwards. Cover the bulb with soil and water as needed. Protect in colder areas with deep mulch over winter.
3. Aftercare
Water lightly until the top of growth emerges, then moderately during the growing season.
Once the bulb flowers have faded, decorticate the bulbs by trimming off spent flowers so that they do not become seeds and thus prevent their spread.
Once flowering is over, keep the leaves so that the plant can replenish its energy in the bulb for the next spring flowering. The leaves provide an energy charge to the bulb through photosynthesis and for this they need to keep their leaves.
When the leaves start to yellow, withhold water. Remove the foliage when it wilts and dies.
Dig and divide plantings of all species only when plant vigour and flowering quality decline.
Ornithogalum  are perennial bulbous plants grown for their clusters of white flowers.

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