Carex Censation. C13


Carex censaciones is a riparian plant of the Cyperaceae family.

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It is also known as 'Feather Falls' sedge. It belongs to the Cyperaceae family.

Carex can be deciduous or evergreen, rhizomatous or tufted, with triangular stems bearing linear or strap-shaped leaves and short or long spikes of tiny green or brown flowers.

Feather Falls' is a perennial sedge that produces tufts of medium green, finely striped, white-edged, arching foliage. In late spring it produces erect, light brown tufts followed by clusters of small green fruits.

Prefers moist but well-drained soil, in sun or shade. Propagated by division in spring.

Best places to plant in low maintenance borders and flower beds City and backyard gardens Rock garden Cottage garden and informal garden Patio and container plants

It is a plant that does not require pruning and is generally unaffected by pests and diseases.


Carex censaciones is a riparian plant of the Cyperaceae family.

Specific References

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