Total long life herbicide 50 ml

Total weed killer

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VAT included

It is a contact weed killer of permanant activity, indicated for the control of weeds  in annuals mono and dicotyledonous.

The herbicide should be applied pre-emergence or post-early emergence of weeds (2 or 3 leaves)


As herbicide of pre-emergence apply at a rate of 2cc per 10 sqm in order to avoid weeds between 3 and 6 months

Its activity is not influenced by the organic matter of the soil.

It presents a strong adherence to the ground and therefore very low risk lixiviation

To maintain the efficiency of the product, the soil must not be worked after the application. Its persistence in the soil will depend on the dose, time of application (luminosity) and soil moisture.

For 250sqm

Composicion: 48% oxyfluorfen.

Total weed killer

Specific References

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