Selaginella. C13


Selaginella is a hardy plant that needs little care and is very beautiful to look at.

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Selaginella is a genus of plants from the Selaginellaceae family, it is of the evergreen type and is often used for carpeting and screening.

It is a fairly hardy plant, small in size but with a great deal of growth. It is a plant that doesn't produce flowers, but instead has an intense green leaf colour.

In order for it to prosper properly, we should place Selaginella in a place with a lot of shade, even intense in the summer; we should try to give it a stable temperature that doesn't go below 16/18°C, and we should sow it in loose soil rich in nutrients, as well as not expose it to sudden changes in temperature or to draughts.

We should fertilize with houseplant fertilizer during spring and summer, without going over, so that its leaves don't burn.

The Selaginella plant likes humidity both in the ground - without waterlogging - and in the environment, so we can spray its leaves with water. A lack of water will cause them to languish.

In autumn and winter we will reduce watering but always try to keep the soil moist.

As for the fertilizer, it is not very demanding, this will be done during spring and summer and it must be a complete fertilizer.

It should be pruned every year because it tends to get out of hand and become a bit anarchic, the multiplication is done by cuttings in spring.

It is not a plant which suffers from plagues but it can suffer from withering due to lack of humidity.


Selaginella is a hardy plant that needs little care and is very beautiful to look at.

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