Plumbago capensis. Blue plumbago. C13

Plumbago capensis is a shrub of beautiful flowers in light blue, which is also used like a climber.

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Plumbago Capensis, Plumbago auriculata, Cape leadwort,  is an evergreen shrub which
belongs to the plumbaginaceaes family.
Very hardy plant, drought tolerant once it is well established, although, normally, it is not frost resistant.
It will thrive quite well in almost any type of soil, but obviously it prefers a rich compost with a good drainage system.
Plumbago Capensis is a fast growing shrub which will need to be trimmed and cleaned now and then to keep it with an attractive shape and to avoid tangle or a uncontrolled growth.
Trim it according to the shape you  would like to get, or a rounded one for making a nice specimen, or cutting lateral and lowest branches to get a climbing or straight for making a formal hedge.
Flowering and regenerating prunes should be done by the end of winter or the beginning of spring.
Its potential attraction resides in the light blue colour or withe of its flowers,  the quantity and its durability.
Cape Leadwort is not a demanding plant for water,  once well established, however good drinks of water during the summer will contribute to a much better development.
Regarding feeding, we can help the plant by  adding a mix fertiliser composed of NPK, iron, and magnesium.
Keep an eye on your plumbago to avoid pests, such as mealybugs or whiteflies.

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Plumbago capensis is a shrub of beautiful flowers in light blue, which is also used like a climber.

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