Pentas laceolata. C12/13. White

Pentas Lanceolata is a lively herbaceous with bright colors for summer.

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The Pentas Lanceolatas or Egyptian Star Cluster is a perennial herbaceous plant on the rubiaceae family with flowers in the shape of small pompoms of intense colour.
This plant starts to give its flowers by the end of May, during all summer and until the fall, being one of the most resistant one to high temperatures. Once the flowers are faded we can trim it for the winter, but it suffers quite a lot with low temperatures, reason why we normally replace it each year.
The different varieties which are being commercialized nowadays keep the range of colours in pinks, violets, reds and white.
Pentas Lanceolata needs moderate to frequent watering, a rich soil, good drainage for the water to go, and it thrives much better if we feed it with special fertilizer for plants of flowers.
We must observe it to prevent attacks of garden pests, mainly whiteflies.
It is a beautiful plant from the end of spring and during the summer, and makes gorgous in pots or in groups in the garden.
A good idea is to combine our Penta Lanceolata with the also very eye-catching with "Sun Patiens"  to create very colourful groups of flowers during the summer season.

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Pentas Lanceolata is a lively herbaceous with bright colors for summer.

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