Jazmin, jasminum multipartitum


Jasmine, jasminum multipartitum, has greyish white flowers with a spectacular scent.


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This plant of the climbing families has shiny, dark green leaves.

It is native to South Africa.

In spring, it begins to produce very fragrant white-grayish star-shaped flowers.

Although it tolerates full sun, Jasminum multipartitum prefers some shade, ideally a well-drained and shady corner of the garden.

It accepts a wide variety of soils, such as mulch, peat and sand, but likes to have fertiliser added regularly.

Excess water can cause the plant to die. Beware of aphid pests that can seriously damage the plant. Pruning to shape or slow down excessive growth is best done after flowering.

The plant is capable of withstanding some frost, but in colder areas it will need a protected corner. Generally, it works best in regions that have milder winters.

Once it has taken root, it is fairly tolerant of drought, although it will require some additional watering during prolonged dry spells.

It is easy to propagate from cuttings made in spring and summer when the plants are in full growth.

The cuttings are best placed under moisture with the heat from the bottom, and rooting improves if hormones are used.

It can also be sown with seeds.

The aroma is delicate during the day and gets stronger at night.

Before flowering, the plant produces spectacular pink or red buds.

It produces shiny black fleshy fruits.

It attracts numerous pollinating insects.

It is ideal for decorating rocky slopes in bushes or shrubs. Planted en masse under large trees, it will form a beautiful plant cover.


Jasmine, jasminum multipartitum, has greyish white flowers with a spectacular scent.


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