Lyrata fig C17


Ficus lyrata is a very hardy houseplant with large leaves and easy care.

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Ficus lyrata is a hardy indoor plant with very unripe green leaves in the shape of a violin.

Its large leaves will give an exotic air to the room. It likes the light but we must be careful to put it

in full sunshine.

In summer it should be watered 2 days a week to reduce that intensity to every 10/15 days in winter.

It likes fluffy and well draining soil, we have to be careful with waterlogging or it will rot the plant.

To fertilize it we should use a liquid fertilizer every 15 days in spring/summer, to extend this rhythm in winter to every 2 months.

To make its foliage thicker we can prune it in spring.

We will multiply it by cuttings with a sharp cutting tool that won't damage the plant.

The mealybug or the red spider can attack it, if the infestation is not too big, we can eliminate it with soapy water; if it is intense we will have to use suitable chemical products.


Plant: 13cm x 1.20m


Ficus lyrata is a very hardy houseplant with large leaves and easy care.

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