Tarragon. C13/15

Tarragon (Artemisia drancunculus) is an aromatic perennial herb of the Asteraceae family.

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Tarragon (Artemisia drancunculus), also known as dragongrass or dragon weed among other names, is a perennial aromatic herb of the Asteraceae family, probably native to Central Asia and the Middle East, with a very widespread use in cooking.
Tarragon can be found in the wild and is widely cultivated in Europe, Asia and America. Depending on the area of cultivation, it offers certain characteristics and also has a name, the best known varieties being Russian tarragon and French tarragon.
French tarragon is more appreciated for its aroma and flavour, it is intense but milder and characteristic for its tarragol content, a phenolic compound that gives it an aniseed-like flavour, it is even sweet and vanilla-like. Whereas Russian tarragon is harsher in taste, somewhat bitter and less aromatic, but more resistant.
This aromatic plant is very easy to grow in pots, preferably by division of the bush, which is more effective than by seeds. A good choice to expand our selection of aromatic herbs at home.
It is characterised by its dark green lanceolate leaves, and can be found on the market both fresh and dried. Its leaves are usually harvested before flowering (from May to July) to dry them, but like any aromatic herb, its qualities are more generous if it is worked fresh.
The culinary uses of tarragon are very broad, from flavouring in sauces or stuffing, to fresh consumption in salads, it makes omelettes very tasty and goes equally well with meat, fish and seafood.

Tarragon (Artemisia drancunculus) is an aromatic perennial herb of the Asteraceae family.

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