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Curry (Helichrysum thianschanicum) is one of the most commonly used aromatic herbs in oriental cuisine.

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Curry is an aromatic plant very similar in appearance to lavender. With grey leaves. Pinnate shape.
The flower is very beautiful, of an intense yellow colour. The flowering usually takes place between May and September depending on the area where we live.
It is characterised by its intense and pleasant smell. This smell is reminiscent of the smell of curry spice, hence its popular name, the curry plant.
This plant needs full sun. It can withstand extreme temperatures of between -20ºC and -40ºC. It is very drought tolerant.
It is perfect for use in mixtures with other species. Its silver colour will enhance the colour of the other plants. With a green background the silver will stand out very much. The same will happen with its intense yellow flower.
It needs little watering. Excess water and organic matter in the substrate can end up rotting the plant. With little water, it will grow more robust and stronger. It will also grow a little slower, but too rapid growth often weakens the branches and the plant becomes more vulnerable.
We can prune it in winter if we want to reduce its volume. When the flower is getting too big, it can be removed. Sometimes the branches end up bending under the weight, especially when the plant is very young, so it is better to remove them.
It is a very strong plant and used to hard conditions. We can fertilize in spring once a month and in autumn we can make another application. We will use a universal fertilizer.
If we have this plant with too much water or waterlogged, we can encourage the appearance of fungi that can kill the plant. Otherwise it is a very resistant plant.

Curry (Helichrysum thianschanicum) is one of the most commonly used aromatic herbs in oriental cuisine.

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