Vriesea Splendes. C10


Vriesea Splendes is a spectacular plant, known as the fire sword plant.

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With a name like "flame sword plant", one expects something fabulous. Well, Vriesea splendens lives up to its name, with its striking banded leaves and flamboyant floral display.
The flaming sword plant belongs to the genus Vriesea, a group of bromeliads from South and Central America that make excellent houseplants, not only because they liven things up with their exotic splendour, but also because they are so easy to care for.
They should be planted in a pot with a well-draining bromeliad mix and in a place with filtered sunlight. Unlike other plants, it is necessary to provide water to the plant's central reservoir, keeping the potting mix barely moist, and to spray the foliage regularly. Provide comfortable indoor temperatures and high humidity and airflow.
Soil should be a light, well-drained mix for bromeliads or orchids, in a small pot with drainage holes; flame sword plants do not usually need transplanting.
Tolerates different types of light, but bright, filtered sunlight is necessary for flowering, average ambient temperatures should be above 18 °C.
It should have high humidity to provide balanced foliage with good air circulation. Water by filling the central reservoir. Keep the growing medium slightly moist and spray the foliage several times a week. Always use pure warm water.
This plant needs very little fertiliser; apply foliar fertiliser once or twice a year. Can be easily propagated by cuttings.

Vriesea Splendes is a spectacular plant, known as the fire sword plant.

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