Erigeron. C11

Erigeron is a very hardy plant with beautiful flowering and low maintenance.

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Erigeron is an evergreen plant that will stay in your garden forever. You can plant them as ground cover, in crevices, in the cracks of "dry walls" and in the shallow soil between paving stones.

Once established, it has the ability to pop up all over the garden. Sometimes it takes a break in hot weather and you end up thinking it has died, only for it to reappear and thrive. If you look after it well, it will produce masses of tiny daisy flowers, transforming your garden into an exquisite fairy landscape. 

It is a plant that can flower all year round. It is very hardy and grows everywhere, even in the coldest areas. The ideal site is in full sun to semi-shade.

It likes sandy and well-drained soils. Watering should be done regularly in summer and less frequently in winter.

As for fertilisation, it is sufficient to add compost to the soil when planting.

In short, it is a plant that covers large areas with a beautiful colour, consumes little water and is very easy to grow.

Erigeron is a very hardy plant with beautiful flowering and low maintenance.

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