Heliotropo. C17

Heliotrope is a shrub of the Boraginaceae family, a plant native to Peru.

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The genus Heliotropium, family Boraginaceae, includes 150 species of shrubs and herbaceous plants distributed throughout the world. Some species are: Heliotropium arborescens, Heliotropium amplexicaule, Heliotropium europaeum, Heliotropium foertherianum.
It has the common names of Heliotrope, Mule grass, Fiddle grass and Garden vanilla and the scientific synonym Heliotropium peruvianum. This species is native to Peru.
They are open evergreen subshrubs that grow up to 1 metre in height. The leaves are alternate, dark green, ovate-oblong in shape and velvety in texture. The leaves and flowers give off a pleasant vanilla scent. The small blue flowers appear in compact corymbs. They can flower almost all year round.
They are used in borders, in beds, in groups next to a wall and in pots for patios and terraces.
Heliotropium peruvianum needs a semi-shaded and protected from the cold. The temperature should not be below 7-10°C.
The soil should contain plenty of organic matter and be well drained. Planting is done in spring.
Water frequently in spring and summer so that the substrate does not dry out completely; reduce watering in autumn and water sparingly in winter.
Fertilise with compost in autumn and with mineral fertiliser every fortnight during the summer.
Lightly prune the tips of the stems in late winter.
Plants are fairly resistant to the usual pests and diseases.
Propagated by cuttings in spring or autumn and from seeds sown in spring.

Heliotrope is a shrub of the Boraginaceae family, a plant native to Peru.

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