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Arugula is a fast-growing green leafy plant that can be planted in the garden or in pots.

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Want to add a touch of pepper to your salads? Garnish them with some rocket (Eruca sativa). Not only is it a fast-growing green leafy plant, but it can also be planted in the garden or in pots. Arugula is best sown in spring or autumn (it tolerates cold weather) and will be ready for harvest in just six to seven weeks; you can even eat the tender leaves after about two weeks.
The taste of rocket is best when it is harvested young, so keep cutting the leaves to get a good crop. To successfully grow rocket from seed, just follow our handy guide.
How to sow rocket seeds
Choose a sunny spot in your garden and make sure the soil has good drainage. Before planting rocket seeds, dig in some fine compost and a little fertiliser to prepare the soil.
Mark out a row about 3 mm deep and 1-2 m long. Carefully sow the rocket seeds in a thin line along the row, spacing them as evenly as possible. Cover lightly with a seed growing mix (available in bags), then press down and keep the soil moist. Planting seeds every few weeks will ensure a continuous supply.
Fertilise weekly with a complete liquid plant food, such as Yates Thrive Soluble All Purpose Plant Food or Seasol PowerFeed for Vegies.
Cut the plants back to ground level once they have reached full size, about 7 to 8 weeks after planting. This encourages the growth of new shoots. Feed them again with a liquid fertiliser to promote vigorous growth and more harvests.
You can plant the seeds in pots and transplant them into the garden when they reach 5-7 cm. Don't forget to label the pots, in case you forget what's inside.

Arugula is a fast-growing green leafy plant that can be planted in the garden or in pots.

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