Lippia repens. C11

Lippia is a very hardy shrub, perfect for hedges and fences.

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The genus Lippia consists of about 200 species of shrubs and sub-shrubs native to tropical and subtropical regions of America and Africa, and belongs to the family Verbenaceae. It is commonly known by the names Bella alfombra and Lipia.
It is a ground cover plant that does not rise 10 cm from the ground and has small elliptical leaves with serrated edges. Its abundant flowers appear in rounded clusters similar to the flower heads of the Lantana and are white (slightly pinkish) with a yellow centre. They flower from mid-spring until almost the end of summer.
This plant is widely used for fixing slopes, in rockeries, to cover dry areas of the garden and paths as it is a walkable ground cover. It can be used as a substitute for lawns in dry areas and by the sea. They are ideal for Mediterranean coastal gardens and for cities because of their resistance to pollution, a perfect plant for hostile environments because of its resistance.
This plant thrives best in sunny exposure but can also live in semi-shade. It prefers warm climates (subtropical, Mediterranean, tropical), although it can withstand frosts as low as -5ºC.
As a hardy plant, it is not at all demanding with the soil (it tolerates even lime) as long as it is well drained. It should be planted in autumn or spring at a rate of about 5 specimens per square metre.
It is very resistant to drought but needs regular watering, always waiting until the soil is dry before watering again. It does not need fertilisers or fertilisers.
Rather than pruning, what it needs is to control its rapid growth as it can become invasive. It is a hardy plant that is not usually attacked by pests and diseases.
The easiest way to propagate it is from cuttings taken in spring or autumn.

Lippia is a very hardy shrub, perfect for hedges and fences.

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