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Lisianthus. C13

Lisianthus is a plant with beautiful grey-green leaves and spectacular flowers.

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Lisianthus belongs to the genus Eustoma of the Gentianaceae family and is composed of 3 species of herbaceous plants distributed in the area from the south of the USA to Colombia and Venezuela. 

It is commonly known by the names Lisianthus, Lisianthus and Japanese rose. This species is native to the southwestern USA and northern Mexico.

They are annual or biennial plants that can reach half a metre in height during the flowering season. The light green or greyish, lanceolate leaves grow in rosettes and the attractive single or double flowers, which can be blue, purple, pink, orange, white or red, depending on the variety, emerge from the central stem. Flowering occurs in summer.

Lisianthus are suitable for temperate climates with rather cool summers. They are often used in pots on patios, terraces and indoors, although they are attractive in cutting gardens or borders. They are not recommended for cultivation by the sea.

This plant prefers semi-shaded exposure and temperate climates. In Mediterranean climates direct sun in summer should be avoided.

The soil has to drain very well and contain organic matter but not too much as they do not tolerate very acid soil. They do not usually need transplanting as they are usually grown as annuals.

They should be watered frequently, without puddling, so that the soil always has a certain degree of humidity.

Ideally, fertilise with mineral fertiliser every 2 weeks in spring or apply a slow-release fertiliser towards the middle of spring. If the plant is already flowering it is not necessary to fertilise it.

It is a plant that does not need pruning. As far as pests are concerned, they are sensitive to downy mildew, botrytis and fusarium if there is excessive watering and can sometimes be attacked by caterpillars, thrips and leafminers.

Propagation can be done from seeds, but they are very small and difficult to handle, so it is advisable to buy already developed specimens in garden centres, nurseries and plant shops.



Lisianthus is a plant with beautiful grey-green leaves and spectacular flowers.

Specific References

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