Euphorbia characias tricolour. C20

Euphorbia Characias is a very hardy shrub.

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These are evergreen shrubs belonging to the genus Euphorbia, not a succulent plant. Also belonging to this genus are Euphorbia hierosolymitana, Euphorbia dendroides, Euphorbia veneta, Euphorbia cyparissus.

It is commonly known as Lechetrezna macho and Tártago mayor.

This is a Mediterranean plant with soft, purple stems that does not usually exceed one metre in height. The leaves are linear, spirally arranged around the stem and are blue-green in colour. The flowers, which are insignificant, are presented in very attractive yellow bracts. They flower between late spring and early summer.

Very used to form flower beds in gardens that need little watering. It should be borne in mind that its latex is irritating.

It likes full sun although it can live in semi-shade. It does not withstand the usual hard frosts.

The soil must be very well drained and light.

Watering should be moderate, always waiting until the soil has dried out completely, taking care not to puddle the soil.

It is not usually affected by garden pests and diseases. It is a hardy plant ideal for Mediterranean climates.

It can be propagated by bush division and from seeds sown in spring.

Euphorbia Characias is a very hardy shrub.

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