Dietes grandiflora C17/18

Dietes grandiflora (fairy lily) is a rhizomatous perennial plant with large lily-like flowers.

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Native to eastern and southern Africa, Dietes grandiflora (fairy lily) is a rhizomatous perennial with large, lily-like flowers, 10 cm in diameter, borne on slender, erect stems on clusters of long, erect, stiff, green leaves.
Each waxy white flower consists of 3 outer petals adorned with an intense yellow stripe near their base, and 3 inner segments dotted with brown in the centre. From the centre emerge 3 pale violet stylised arms.
The flowers last up to 3 days, but are quickly followed by new ones. They flower in summer, in buds that seem to occur at 2-week intervals, and are exhibited almost all year round in mild climates. This plant is sometimes called "Fairy Iris" because its fragile white petals not only look like fairy wings, but tend to disappear mysteriously overnight. A spectacular plant in mass plantings or in containers.
Grows to 90-120 cm tall and 60-90 cm wide.
Easy to grow, this plant does best in full sun or part shade, in moist, well-drained soil. Best flower production occurs in full sun, but light afternoon shade is welcome, and it is fairly drought tolerant.
It has no serious insect or disease problems. A welcome choice for Mediterranean gardens, cottage gardens, gravel gardens. Most spectacular when planted in large groupings where it develops a bouquet effect.
Remove seed pods to promote greater flowering. Flower stalks should not be removed after flowering. Cut back any leaves that die. Self-sow freely; deadhead if volunteer seedlings are not wanted next season.
Propagate by seed in autumn or spring. Alternatively, propagate by rhizome division after flowering. Plants can be difficult to establish.

Dietes grandiflora (fairy lily) is a rhizomatous perennial plant with large lily-like flowers.

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