Ficus microcarpa C19


One of the easiest bonsais to start with.

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Ficus microcarpa  is an evergreen plant that belongs to the moraceae  family.

The peculiarity of this ficus lies in its robustness and its aerial roots that give it great beauty.

These roots grow from the branches to the ground to create new "trunks" that over time make the ficus acquire a very striking structure.

Its growth is rapid and can reach between 15-20mtrs in its habitat, also its canopy is quite bulky so it is largely used as a shade tree.

It needs warm climates for its growth as it is a tree of tropical and subtropical climates.

Its use as an indoor plant in the form of bonsai  is widespread since its care is not complicated.

It needs moisture in the environment and a place with several hours of soft sun or semi shade for it to thrive, but avoid the scuch sun of midday in warm climates as its leaves can get burned.

The temperature is therefore not recommended to drop below 15oC, nor is it recommended its exposition to ¡drafts or winds. Large specimens in gardens and streets can withstand up to 0ºC.

The best thing is to keep it with an average and pleasant temperature and a quite regular atmosphere.

As for the soil it needs half of the composition with clay to retain moisture, but at the same time, it needs  a good drainage system.  Add Water before the soil dries but  without over watering.

Be sure that  your tree has the necessary cares, this way we will keep away  the attacks of cochineal or another type of garden pests,  keep the leaves clean, and control the irrigation, temperature and the humidity of the environment rather high.

Prune its branches very carefully and slightly so as not to spoil the shape of the plant, use a well sharpened  pruning scissors and previously sharpened. Get rid of of broken or damaged twigs or those that are not beautiful and disfigures the ficus . Better do it in early fall.

As for the transplant it is spring the best time to carry out this task. Do it when roots already come out because of lack of space. Cut the roots as a 30% mainly the thickest and add enriched substrate, you can also use special soil for bonsais.

We leave you the following link where you can find a very complete guide on bonsais.


One of the easiest bonsais to start with.

Specific References

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