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Ruellia. C13

The Ruellia or Petunia Mexicana is a shrub with beautiful violet flowers.

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Ruellia belongs to the Acanthaceae family, consisting of about 160 species of perennial plants and shrubs, mostly native to the American continent. 
It is commonly known as Petunia mexicana and also the scientific synonym Ruellia angustifolia.
These fast-growing herbaceous perennials can reach up to one metre in height and have long, dark green, opposite, lanceolate leaves. The flowers are petunia-like and blue-violet in colour, although there are varieties with white, pink or light blue flowers. They flower from the spring season until the beginning of winter.
It is a plant widely used for borders, flowerbeds and in pots and planters for patios, balconies and terraces.
This plant needs a very luminous exposition but without receiving direct sun in the central hours of the day. If it does not receive enough light it will not flower. It is a tropical plant that does not withstand temperatures below 5°C or frost.
The soil must be well drained and contain enough organic matter. Potted specimens should be repotted every 2-3 years.
Water regularly in spring and summer but wait until at least the surface of the soil dries out; in autumn and winter reduce watering considerably, bearing in mind that they can withstand several days of drought.
During spring and summer, fertilise with a mineral fertiliser every 20 days to encourage flowering. After flowering, it is advisable to prune the stems by half.
They can be attacked by fungi if watering is excessive and, on occasions, by aphids, mealy bugs or whiteflies. Propagation is by seed and by division of the bush in early spring.
The Ruellia or Petunia Mexicana is a shrub with beautiful violet flowers.

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