Calocephalus - Leucophyta. C13


The Calocephalus is a small, highly branched shrub.

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The genus Leucophyta belongs to the Asteraceae family and consists of a single species of shrub native to Australia: Leucophyta brownii.

It is also known by the scientific synonym Calocephalus brownii. They are small, compact, highly branched shrubs, reaching up to 1 metre in height. The branches are usually covered with white hairs and the small leaves are silvery white. They produce 1 cm long white flowers. This plant flowers in summer.

It is ideal for rockeries, mixed flowerbeds, in the foreground of borders and is ideal for the seafront because of its tolerance to saltpetre and sea wind. Can also be grown in pots.

They thrive well in full sun or semi-shade. It is a frost tolerant plant. They tolerate any type of well-drained soil, including chalky, sandy and stony soils.

They are very resistant to drought, so watering should be moderate, waiting for the soil to dry out before adding more water. They do not usually need fertilisers.

They can be pruned at the end of winter to give them a more compact appearance. If watering is overdone or the winter is too wet, it can be attacked by fungi.

They can be propagated from seeds sown in spring and by cuttings taken in summer.


The Calocephalus is a small, highly branched shrub.

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