Pittosporum tobira - Japanese cheesewood.C14

Pittosporum tobira, also called Japanese Cheesewood is a hardness shrub very used for making hedges.

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Pittosporum tobira is a shrub in the family Pittosporaceae tough Evergreen.
Its green and shiny leaves are quite attractive and its tiny white to cream flowers add an extra charming to this plant during the spring.
Need a soil with a ph neutral and well drained to plant it. Does not require great efforts for its maintenance since it is a very hardy shrub and well supported both the high temperatures and the low, not enduring frosts.
Once the roots are settled pittosporum tobira become a drought tolerant plant.
Add each year a new lyer of  compost or manure to enrich the soil.
Pittosporum tobira shrub does not need regular pruning, only when shaping is requiered or when for any reason it has become a bit weak, too leggy or too ligneous.
The recommended distance for planting should be something between 25-30cms for setting a compact hedge.
As for pests we can say that it is not very often that is affected by them, but sometimes it might suffer from the attack of mites as cochineal insects, spider mites and aphids.
The scent of the  pittosporum tobira flowers reminds us of the orange blossom flower.
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Pittosporum tobira, also called Japanese Cheesewood is a hardness shrub very used for making hedges.

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