Classic rose. Hybrid tea rose C17

Classic rosebush, with big flowers. Strong, powerfull, elegante. The most popular between the rosebushes.

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Classic Rosebush, Hybrid Tea Rose is a shrub  of big
flowers. Strong, vigorous, elegant. The most popular among the rosebushes.
The classic rosebush or hybrid tea rose is an evergreen shrub from the rosaceae family.
Apparently the first hybrid was cultivated by Jean-Baptiste Guillot,  in Lyon, and was called "La France". It was the result of the cross between a repeat flower bushrose (Victor Verdier) which is continuosly blooming, and a tea rose (Madame Bravy). Among the old roses which were use to create the first hybridization are: "Gallic Rose", " Wichuraina Rose", or "Damascena Rose"
The classic rosebush or hybrid tea rose is the most classic one that we find. There are thousands of varieties that increase each season. It is characterized by its large and uniform flowers arising from an erect stem which normally flowers from spring to autumn.
Sow it in a sunny area with a bed of organic matter, so every spring we will add manure or amendment to give it a good portion of nutrients.
Does not like flood soils in any case,  because it is a very likely focus for the development of diseases, the greatest problems of the rose-bushes, more serious in areas closer to the sea or with a high degree of humidity in the environment.

We can try to prevent this problem by:

-using specific anti fungal diseases for roses,

- watering in the early hours of the morning, or

- avoiding wetting leaves and flowers.

Prune the rosebush in the coldest season, December-January, - - - Remove weaker branches

- Leave the strongest ones which can be 3 or 4,

- Give it the most balanced shape as possible, cutting in a biased way and always above the buttons of outbreak.

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Classic rosebush, with big flowers. Strong, powerfull, elegante. The most popular between the rosebushes.

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