Gardening trends 2019

Unfortunately, every year it seems that summer season comes up earlier, and frankly, we are not pleased at all, even if the prospective arrival of good weather means that we can enjoy earlier and for longer ours gardens and terraces. Previously, there was time for everything, and the differents seasons were all well defined and we anxiously waited for the good weather to arrive.

Climate change is already with us and we need to commit ourselves feeling part of a whole, and to participating by offering the best of us in order to reverse such a bad and sad result.

However, and despite of all this chaos, we need to take advantage of what we have, being awared that everything can be improved, and that we can do it in a conscious and coherent way.

That said, it is obvious that it is a trend, not only this year, but since several years ago, the use of our resources in the best possible ways, attending to certain rules and criteria when designing and choosing the materials we like the best, without rennouncing to relax and enjoying our space.

Design and projecting out our ideas by respecting our environment, making a relaxing and cozy place which at the same time allow us to enjoy more by working less is not so complicated, but of course if we do not have the most minimum idea of how to deal with it, proffesional help can be of great help, and and better and greater result can be obtained. que al mismo tiempo nos resulten relajantes, acogedoras y que encima nos permitan disfrutar y trabajar menos no es tan complicado, eso sí, si no tenemos demasiada idea sería conveniente dirigirnos

At Viveros González, we summarize some of these trends, which combine a nice space, respect with our environment and even more, sustainability.

Settle a so called low-maintenance gardening space.

Let's avoid large areas of lawn, mainly if we live in an area where the rainfall reing by their absence. Lawns are highly demanding of water during the summer.

Flower boxes and planters, essentials to install irrigation drip.

Use of species that require little water and low needs for pruning or spraying, many shrubs such as "metrosideros", "callistemos", "westringias", "teocriums", "African myrsine", "viburnums", "nerium oleander"pittosporum"," photinias","ligustrum", piracanthas, are highly recommended as a basis for the realization of hedges or for their use in groups.

Go for gardens based on succulents or cacti, which combined with "phormiums", "dracaenas", "yuccas", "delospermum" and "lampranthus", or "portulacas" will allow the design of lovely and practical low maintenance gardens, what means that they are more than a trend.

In warmer areas, greenhouses or enclosed terraces are highly demanded the tropical gardens. The large leaves of species such as strelitzzias, scheffleras, alocasias, philodendroms, crotons and palms such as arecas, kenthias, roebellinis, archoentophoenix, really reproduce heavenly spaces, making of this type of garden a very attractive solution. Important, irrigation and drainage system, both, to optimize water and to avoid water flooding.

Using grasses is also another option, little water, little maintenance and lots of textures and movement.

Be sure of not using those species considered invasive in our community and that the sale is not forbidden.

Normally lists can be checked on the website of the ministries of Agriculture of each autonomous community which are the not allowed species.

Every day orchards win space in the garden, preparing beds for planting, taking care care for vegetables, watching to prevent pests and diseases, fixing different types of supports for the vegetables, making our own compost and finally sharing our harvest is something that is priceless, as it is also priceless the fact that terraces, patios, gardens, even indoor plants, are the medium that transports us to that place of encounter and conection with the nature.

Enhance the spaces with fountains, ponds, arches, luminaires, ceramics, sculptures, greenhouses, pergolas, and create spaces closely connected with home, making that gardens, patios or terraces are one more piece of the whole set.

Decorate the garden with very diverse materials such as gravels, boulders, volcanic stones, pine barks, woode deckings, stone paviments, always playing with the vegetation and making these materials bring added value to the place.

And above all nature, gardens that evoke forests, meadows, forests, arid areas, leting plants to grow their natural way, it will really seem that we are in the middle of a completely wild environment.

Pests and diseases. We all are every day awared that chemicals cause serious problems the environment. Law is, as well, every day more strict regarding the use of these type of products, which is leading to the use of more natural products and, above all, to the prevention.

Even if there ar meadows and flower beds covered of weeds, we will try to remove them manually to an possible extent, - not everything has to be "perfect"- many chemicals are being withdrawn from the market under the different laws approved by the European Union. If there is no further solution, the best is to consult with the nearest Garden Centre to get information about the most recommended products.

Creating a place that wraps us and makes us feel good through the conection to nature is the challenge.

Would you like to be in?

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