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Indoor plants to grow in your office: how to choose them and the 12 most suitable species

Most of our day is dedicated to work.

It doesn't matter if we do it at home or if we have to go to the office every day, the reality is that much of the day is spent sitting at the desk.

That is why many people seek to give that space a more personal and joyful touch. And a very common option is plants. In fact, having plants in the office not only has a decorative function, but also offers us many benefits.

Now, you know that not all are worth. 

You need species that can live indoors and that, if possible, require little care. 

That is why in this post we have brought you a list with some of the best indoor plants for your office.

Let's see them.

Why are indoor plants beneficial in your office?

Then we explain the criteria that you must take into account to choose the best plants for your office. But first, let's see why it is a good idea to include them in your workspace:

  • They help reduce stress: it has been shown that taking care of a living being, such as a plant, reduces stress and increases self-esteem (among many other benefits of gardening).

  • They clean the air: during the day, plants are an excellent source of oxygen, so in closed spaces they contribute to creating a more pleasant environment.

  • They maintain the humidity of the air: very useful for offices where the heating and air conditioning are usually working (although beware of exposing the plants to drafts).

Now, we are going to see the most suitable indoor species.

How to choose the best indoor plants for your workplace

To put it simply, there are three criteria to take into account:

  • How much light will it receive

  • How much time do you want to spend caring for it

  • If you want them to be more showy (to bring joy to the office).

We give you some ideas of each type.

A. Plants that require almost no care

1. Sansevieria Sansevieria

It is one of the queens among indoor plants, present in many homes and offices.

And it is no wonder.

Sansevieria is a very rustic species and one of the most resistant that you can find.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that the temperature does not drop too low (it develops best between 15 and 20 degrees) and keep it away from drafts.

Its main attraction is its fleshy, brightly coloured leaves. 

2. Cactus

Surely you have seen a colleague who has a cactus next to the computer to absorb radiation (which is true, by the way). 

The reality is that many of the species of cacti and succulents are very suitable to have inside the office. It requires little care, and the only thing you should keep in mind is to water them only when the substrate is completely dry.

In this post you have several options.

3. Pothos

Another classic of interior spaces.

The poto is a climbing species of tropical origin, known for its rusticity. It supports lack of water better than excess, and all it needs is to receive many hours of filtered light.

In exchange for these simple cares, he will give us its leaves, a bright green color. 

If you want it to develop completely you will have to spray the leaves with water, because it is a plant used to humidity. 

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera needs no introduction.

Surely you have ever used a product made from its leaves (or even one of its same freshly cut leaves) to treat a burn or wound.

But have you ever considered having it as a decorative plant?

We tell you this because, like the rest of the list, it is a plant that hardly needs attention. 

Just keep in mind that it gets many hours of filtered light.

5. Philodendron

The philodendron is a characteristic plant for its large leaves, which will give your office a tropical touch. 

It requires more frequent watering than the rest of the list (every two or three days or so during the hottest months), but is otherwise a very hardy plant. 

It is a plant little used in homes because its leaves are toxic if ingested, but in the office you can use it to add a touch of colour to any corner.

But make sure to give it many hours of light and not to expose it to drafts.

6. Chlorophytum Comosum

Tape is another one of those plants that can never be missing in any workspace.

Its small height, between 20 and 30 centimetres, makes it suitable to have it on the desk or in any corner. Of course, it needs to receive several hours of light a day.

B. Plants for dimly lit offices

7. Dracaena fragrans Massageana

This species has surely been seen in more than one office. 

It is a plant that stands out for its elegant appearance, with a very tall and stylized trunk (it can grow several meters) and the arched shape of its leaves. 

If you are looking for a plant that requires little care and not too much light, Dracaena is a good option. 

8. Chamaedorea Elegans

A rustic and undemanding species with care.

It needs filtered sun (with a few hours a day it has enough) and a temperature between 17 and 20 degrees, although it can resist up to 5 degrees.

Its main attraction is its webbed leaves.

Of course, during the summer you should be careful so that it has enough watering.

9. Aspidistra

The aspidistra is not only able to survive in those places where others would suffer from the lack of shade. In fact, it prefers to be in shady or semi-shady areas.

It is also a species that hardly requires care.

When grown indoors it does not usually flower, but its main attraction is the huge green leaves it develops.

C. Plants to brighten up the work space

10. African violet

With the correct care, the African violet will give us its flowers throughout the year (hence we have chosen it). In return, we must give it many hours of light a day.

The flowers can be found in various colours, from purple to white or blue.

Regarding irrigation, it is best to water it by capillarity, putting water in the dish and allowing it to absorb through the roots.

11. Anthurium

Its inflorescence is the most characteristic element of this tropical plant. The leaves (or "spathe") that surround the spike develop very bright tones that will give it a touch of colour. 

The sun can burn the leaves, so it is important that it receives filtered light.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to spray the leaves often.

12. Spathiphyllum

Famous for the beauty of its flowers, this plant is very common in indoor spaces. The cup-shaped spathe that covers its spike give an elegant touch to any corner.

It requires enough light to develop in all its splendour.

Regarding the temperature, being a tropical plant it is important that it be kept above 15º C.

You already know what are the best indoor plants for an office.

Now it's your turn.

Choose the species that best suit your needs and give your work area a touch of life.

And if you need help choosing the most appropriate ones, you can contact us by clicking here.