What are perennial plants? We tell you everything about this type of plants + the most interesting varieties

Perennials are very special plants.

And it is that their name comes from the fact that they can live for a long time (even years!).

This makes them a very interesting type of plant when designing a terrace or garden, because they allow us to have a permanent collection of flowers throughout or almost all year.

That is why in this article we tell you everything about perennial plants.


Well let's start!

What exactly are perennials? 

Let's start with the definition.

Perennial plants are those that can live more than two years. This is, of course, as long as we take proper care of them.

This means that, unlike other species, you will not have to change the specimen every year, because they are capable of withstanding the different changes of season and reborn strongly during the flowering period (which is usually in spring, but this can change, depending on the plant).

But let's take a closer look at its qualities.

Characteristics of perennial plants

This group of plants have several points in common:

    • Very rustic: these species are typically adapted to extreme conditions, but they hardly require care.
    • They are herbaceous plants: perennial plants do not develop woody stems, unlike shrubs, for example.
  • Its flowering is usually quite abundant: another reason to include them in the design of our garden, terrace, or balcony.
  • They “hibernate” with the cold: during the winter, most of the perennials (except for some that bloom at this time) enter a state of lethargy. During this period, they wither and dry out, but do not die. This allows them to withstand low winter temperatures and regrow when spring returns.

General care of these plants

We said that most of the perennials are considered very rustic plants.

And it is that, although the specific care will vary according to the specific variety, in general, these plants are capable of surviving with minimal care.

These are some common cares for most of the perennials:

  • Light: they are usually outdoor plants, which withstand direct exposure to the sun well and even demand it.
  • Watering: Most people need one watering a week to stay healthy. During the flowering season, it is usually advisable to increase the frequency.
  • Soil Type– It is important that the soil is well-drained, but they are otherwise undemanding.
  • Subscriber: they are not demanding with the fertilizer, although they always appreciate extra help to flourish.
  • Temperatures: here things vary a lot. And it is that, while some perennials are very resistant to cold and even bloom in winter, others are not so.
  • Pruning: we should only remove the withered flowers during the flowering season.

What are the best perennial flowering plants? Here you have 7 examples

Finally, we are going to see some of the most spectacular and appreciated flowering perennial plants.

1. Bougainvillea Bougainvillea

is one of the most used climbers to decorate walls and walls.

In the warm months, it displays a dense bloom of purple petals.

It loves the light and is undemanding when it comes to caring.

2. Dahlia Dahlia

flowers, with their characteristic pompom shape, are an essential decorative element in any garden.

It supports the cold well, but it is one of those lively ones that does not tolerate the cold as much. If you live in an area where frost occurs, keep it indoors during the winter.

3. Hydrangea

Between late winter and early spring, the hydrangea unfurls its famous bell-shaped pink flowers. 

It supports low temperatures well, and you can even grow it as a ground cover plant. Of course, remember to give it a lot of irrigation so that it blooms in all its splendour.

4. Daisies

The daisy is a plant native to South Africa. It is very well adapted to hot climates and is not very demanding with care.

During the spring it displays beautiful flowers with red, orange or violet petals that last until well into autumn.

What it does need is a lot of light to flourish.

5. Geranium

These are easy-care species, very popular for decorating balconies and terraces.

Its flowers range from white to red, pink and even salmon, and they look great in hanging baskets.

6. Ficus

A typical indoor decorative plant, widely used in offices to give a space a touch of green.

It is a plant that hardly requires care to produce its beautiful foliage.

7. Coreopsis grandiflora

A very popular plant for its huge yellow flowers.

It is a very rustic plant that loves the sun and hardly requires watering. In addition, it is capable of withstanding strong frosts.

Now that you know perennial plants, which ones do you prefer?

You have already seen the full potential of these plants.

Now it's your turn to choose which one you think will look best in your garden.

And if you have any questions, remember that you just have to ask us.

We will be happy to advise you.