Echeveria pulvinata o Echeveria peluda C09


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Adroschus cristatus "cooperi" C09

Adromischus cristatus is a succulent plant in the crassulaceae family. Peculiar for its triangle-shaped leaves and its small size. "Cooperi" has bronze spots on the leaves.

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Vick is the name with which the plectranthus tomentosa is known because its smell reminds us to popular "Vick vaporup". Easy to cultivate and to reproduce.

Echeveria agavoides. C09

Echeveria agavoides is a beautiful plant belonging to the succulent family, which stands out in pots as well as in rockeries or in the garden.

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Arugula is a fast-growing green leafy plant that can be planted in the garden or in pots.
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Crassula perfoliata is also known as crassula avilais because of the shape of its leaves.

Florece twice a year, its flowers are very showy for its reddish color and gives off a...