Haworthia Pygmaea. C09


Haworthia pygmaea is a succulent plant native to South Africa.

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It is a small succulent plant that grows in rosettes. They can be solitary or usually form new rosettes around the main plant.

Its leaves are usually very fleshy, curved at the end, dark green with longitudinal veins.

Its flowers appear during the summer, also have greenish veins and grow at the end of long stems.

The Haworthia family does not require much care and can easily grow anywhere. It is not very susceptible to pests and diseases.

It tolerates hot and dry climates well, even low temperatures as long as they do not fall below 0 degrees, as frost has very negative effects.

If it is exposed to cold, the leaves turn reddish. The most important thing is to avoid excessive humidity, especially in winter. Otherwise, the plant will quickly rot.

Watering should be abundant but infrequent. The substrate should always dry out completely before watering again. In winter, limit watering to a minimum. Excessive moisture causes the plant to rot.

As soil it needs good drainage so that it does not become waterlogged.

It is a plant that needs many hours of light. It grows without problems both in direct sunlight and in semi-shade.

Plants of the Haworthia family reproduce very well naturally. Each "mother" plant gives rise to "daughters" around it called offshoots.

If we separate these offshoots, they can be replanted in a new pot with the same type of substrate. The new plant will become a "mother" and will generate more plants.

It is advisable to wait until the offspring are about 1/3 the size of the main plant before transplanting.


Haworthia pygmaea is a succulent plant native to South Africa.

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