Aeonium Castello-Paivae C09


Aeonium castello-paivae is a succulent plant native to the Canary Island of La Gomera.

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The plant is one of the smallest succulents, but produces a multitude of offspring around it.

Its leaves are structured in rosettes, being green and yellow with pinkish tints on the margins when they receive enough sun.

During the summer, the plant aeonium castello-paivae produces attractive white flowers (sometimes with yellow tints) in the shape of a star.

Like the rest of the family, the aeonium castello-paivae is very easy to care for.

It is a plant that needs a well-drained substrate. A special substrate for succulents with gravel is the ideal solution.

It is resistant to temperature changes, although not to extreme climates. It prefers semi-shade rather than direct sun. Too much direct sun makes the plant dry out quickly.

In addition, in the winter season it is important to protect it from rain and frost. It is advisable to maintain a dry environment to prevent rotting.

Watering should be abundant but infrequent. The substrate should always dry out completely before watering again.

Excessive humidity causes this plant to rot, especially in winter.

It needs many hours of light. It is advisable to keep it in semi-darkness, where it does not receive direct light for most of the day.

Aeonium castello-paivae reproduces easily by leaf or cuttings.

To obtain cuttings, it is always advisable to cut a few centimetres of stem just below the rosette. In the case of the leaf, cut flush with the junction with the plant.

In both cases, it is advisable to use a sharp tool to make a clean cut.

It is best to wait a few days for the cutting or leaf to dry out and form a callus at the cut site. This prevents it from absorbing too much water and rotting.

You can plant the cutting or leaf in the recommended substrate, water lightly and do not water again until the substrate is completely dry.


Aeonium castello-paivae is a succulent plant native to the Canary Island of La Gomera.

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