Cuphea ignea. Tabacco flower. C13


This is a small shrub which can keep it leaves during the whole year in warm climates.

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Cuphea ignea or cigar flower is an evergreen small shrub which belongs to the  Lythraceaes.

The most striking thing about this plant is, without a doubt, the appearance of its flowers. Tubular-shaped, the petals have an intense red color that turns white or purple at the edges, which gives a certain resemblance to a lit cigarette.

The plant reaches 25 or 50 centimeters high. It comes from Mexico, so its resistance to cold is poor. Protect the feet of the plant with bark or similar during the winter. 

Cuphea ignea grows better thrives much better in the sun or partial shade. Do not overwater. Does not need any particular good soil, but a new layer of rich soil is recommended every spring to provide the plant of nutrients.

Trim if necessary at the end of the winter or the beginning of spring just above the new sprouts to get a bushier and healthier plant.

Normally it does not suffer from garden pests or diseases.


This is a small shrub which can keep it leaves during the whole year in warm climates.

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