Are you looking for plants to give away on Mother's Day? Discover here the 8 best

Mother's Day arrives, and you have it clear: the perfect gift for yours are some flowers.

The question is, which ones? There are so many options…

Don't worry, because with this article we are going to give you a hand. Here we tell you the best plants to give on Mother's Day. 

Get ready, let's start.

The best plants and flowers to give on Mother's Day

They are these:

1. Orchid (Orchidaceae)

Orchids are beautiful flowers. 

Its flowering occurs between late winter and early spring. And, although they have a reputation for being difficult, the reality is that with proper care it is possible to get an orchid to flower again for several years.

Orchids are available in many colours, from white (also very suitable for these dates) to purple or pink.

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2. Carnation (Silene)

Another flower with a sweeping beauty.

Between spring and summer, the carnation displays small and delicate flowers, which have a huge variety of colors.

It is a plant with quite simple care. To stay healthy, the only thing you need is that we give you plenty of water during the hottest season.

If you prune the faded flowers, ensure that new ones continue to emerge.

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3. Peace Flower (Spathiphyllum)

The Peace Flower comes from the lush jungles of South America.

It is a fairly rustic plant that needs very little care to grow. Prefers to semi-shade, although it will be easier for it to flower if it receives enough hours of sun a day.

Of course, do not be confused!

The huge white "petals" that we like so much are not its flower, but a protective layer that covers the yellow inflorescence and are called "bracts" (just like the poinsettia, for example).

Of course, that doesn't take away a bit of beauty. 

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  1. Begonia (Bignonia jasminoides)

A climbing plant that has adapted very well to the light and high temperatures of the south.

Its flowering begins in summer and lasts until autumn. During this period it displays some very characteristic flowers. They are trumpet-shaped, and while they are white on the outside, the inside of the tube is purple.

This makes them spectacular companions for any garden.

It is a very rustic plant that can live even in poor soils (although the richer it is in nutrients, the more it will bloom). The only thing is that the soil must have very good drainage to avoid waterlogging.

Excess watering can be detrimental to this plant, so it needs a well-draining substrate. For the rest, it is not very demanding in terms of soil nutrients, although a rich soil will always make it bloom more.

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4. Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

A shrub from the Mediterranean area.

This aromatic plant is famous for the pleasant aroma that its leaves give off. An aroma that, in addition to bringing joy to the whole house, is also perfect for repelling annoying mosquitoes.

Being a plant native to the south, it is very well adapted to drought and hardly needs watering.

In return, the soil in which we plant must have excellent drainage to prevent the roots from getting waterlogged. In addition, it is a plant that loves to be exposed to the sun.

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5. Gazania

Orange, yellow, white, purple… The colour palette that gazania flowers can present is incredible.

It is a ground cover species, very well adapted to the sun and high temperatures.

When the heat of summer arrives, it unfolds its enormous, multicolored flowers. Also, seeing how its petals close as night falls is quite a sight.

Whether your mother has pots or a garden, gazania will undoubtedly be a perfect addition to her plants.

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6. Jasmine (Jasminum Officinale)

When it comes to scent, jasmine has no rival.

This climbing plant is often used to cover pergolas, walls or trellises. Of course, it is a delicate plant, which prefers to be in partial shade most of the day.

In addition, it needs a well-fertilized and well-drained soil to flourish in all its splendour.

But the effort is certainly worth it in the face of the reward of having a huge bush of jasmine flowers filling your home with their scent.

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7. Pansy Geranium (Pelargonium grandiflorum)

Geranium flowers are a natural work of art.

Its petals have an infinity of colours, from white to pink or intense purple. In addition, these colours are lighter on the outside of the petals and more intense in the centre, which makes them very attractive flowers.

It is an outdoor plant that loves to be exposed to light and to be watered frequently.

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8. Pelargonium Peltatum (Gitanilla)

Gitanilla are part of the geranium family. And as such, they are true sun lovers.

They need to be exposed to light for many hours to develop their beautiful flowers, which begin to bloom in early spring.

During the summer, it is important to give them enough water (although without flooding the substrate) to maintain their flowering.

The most interesting thing about gypsies is that you can grow them as hanging pots. If you do it like this, its delicate flowers will fall in the form of clusters.

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Do you need help finding the best gift for Mother's Day?

These that we have told you are some of the best plants to give to your mother on this special day.

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